A Benfica committee, led by president Luís Filipe Vieira, arrived in Cabo Verde (Cape Green Islands) this morning accompanied by the Benfica Foundation directors Carlos Móia and Jorge Miranda, and also ex-Benfica forward Nuno Gomes.

The committee were received in the Government's presidential headquarters where they were met by prime minister Jorge Carlos Fonseca.

Cabo Verde was hit by a volcanic eruption last month where more than two thousand people were displaced as it destroyed two villages. Pico do Fogo, the island's highest peak, caused the destruction as it's lava and ash decimated the area.

LF Vieira announced that a new school will be built to house 600 students through Benfica Foundation.

"SL Benfica, through it's Foundation, will help in constructing a new school for 600 children in the Ilha do Fogo area." 

"We aren't solely a football club; Benfica supports noble causes such as this case. We are in solidarity with the people of Ilha do Fogo and they can count on our support."

The Benfica staff were also taken on a tour of the devastation which will be used to assess and allow the club to present a humanitarian project and aid the island in it's recovery.

Around 100 fans were present when the Benfica committee landed in Cabo Verde and showed their appreciation with flags and music.


  1. The Benfica President give details that there was a huge deal of kindness to help those on the atoll of Fogo subsequent over two months of considerable volcanic action. Vieira did make known that he.Buy Assignment. had known the Cape Verde leader two side shirts with one labeled Eusebio and the additional a number 10 with the president’s name, Jorge Fonseca and that he would be stopover Fogo later on on his travel around.