Nuno Santos, Nélson Semedo, Raphael Guzzo, and João Teixeira (left to right) renewed their contracts with SL Benfica until 2021 installing a belief that the club is ready to support their youth players.

All four have a €45m release fee clause and echoes a similar move made by the club in 2011 with the likes of Nélson Oliveira, David Simão, Ruben Pinto, and Miguel Rosa. However, none of them were able to prove themselves in the first team and would have a case of lack of opportunities given to them.

Semedo, 21 year-old defender, hopes this time it will be different.

"My expectations are to affirm myself in the first team and grow as a player. We know it's a huge task but they have shown belief in us and we want to justify that."

"I wasn't aware that the renewal was coming. We have more responsibility now and I will sweat for this." 

Guzzo, 20 year-old midfielder who was loaned out to Chaves last season had similar views.

"I'm very happy, not only for the renewal but to also being called to train with the first team during pre-season."

"It's a very important phase in our careers and we have to take advantage of this opportunity."

Both Nuno Santos, who featured in the u-20 world cup, and João Teixeira, Benfica B captain last season, are also looking forward to this new stage in their lives. 

"It's a sign of confidence" - said Teixeira - "I've been here for 11 years and and it seems that this project is working well. There's a good team behind the youngsters and now I just want to affirm myself in the first team."