Renato Sanches, Ruben Dias, and Yuri Ribeiro

Left to right: Renato Sanches, Ruben Dias, and Yuri Ribeiro

Benfica have been highly focused in developing young players and see them as long term goals for the future. With the transfer of André Gomes (€15m to Valencia) and Bernardo Silva (€15m to Monaco) this is clearly an area the club are looking to explore and to mitigate future FIFA action against third party owners.

Players like Gonçalo Guedes, Renato Sanches, Raphael Guzzo and João Teixeira are only a few who will be knocking on the doors of the senior squad in the near future.

Whilst fans despise to see their best crop leave the club, the English Premier League will recognise Benfica's youth development at the Caixa Futebol Campus by organising the third edition of the annual Friendly Cup in Seixal, through it's Academy Programme (Premier League).

The 2015 Friendly Cup will be played by the under-14s and will see both Chelsea and Reading make the trip to the outskirts of Lisbon to play Benfica and Atlético de Madrid to form a quartet.

Armado Jorge Carneiro, general director of Benfica's youth development, stated it's an honour to receive a prestigious cup.

"It's an honour to be recognised by the Premier League and to receive this tournament. We have been hosting similar tournaments throughout the years and have also participated in many [outside of Portugal]. This has helped in projecting the SL Benfica name and our work."

Chelsea and Reading won the national cup competition in England and earned the right to play the 2015 Friendly Cup.

The first and second editions of this cup were played in Barcelona and Dortmund respectively.


11/04/15 - 09:30 Chelsea x Atlético Madrid // SL Benfica x Reading; 11:00 Chelsea x Reading // SL Benfica x Atlético Madrid
12/04/15 - 09:30 Reading x Atlético Madrid; 11:00 Third Place play off // Final