Yesterday, Benfica men's volleyball team was once again shaken by a 3-1 loss at the hands of Fonte Bastardo. In a tight race for the title, the Azorians took control of the first two sets (27-25 and 25-20) whilst Benfica tried to overcome the result by imposing themselves on the third set (22-25). The fourth set was won by the home team by 25-20, leaving them one game away from holding the Championship trophy, four years after their last successful campaign.

Benfica has now the obligation to dominate the fourth match which will be taking place Wednesday 6th of May in Lisbon at 20:30 (BST) to keep alive their cup hopes. In case of a victory from the Eagles, the final deciding game will be held in Praia da Vitória, Azores the 9th of May. Will Benfica retain the title for the third consecutive year?



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