Luís Filipe Vieira was invited by Portuguese daily sports paper Abola to give an interview and the Benfica president touched on many points about the club, from the youth formation, the new manager, and Benfica TV.

With back-to-back league titles conquered the president confirmed the main objective for this season is to win the third consecutive title.

"I spent the last few weeks at Seixal [Benfica's training ground] and I know the squad is very motivated to capture the third title. But I know we assumed a lot of changes in the respect of what was the club's reality in last couple of decades, and these will have their natural ups and downs."

The bet on the title and the youth formation "made in Seixal" has confused the objectives slightly.

"Unlike others, we weren't forced take the path of developing our own players. We planned it and hoped to reach this stage in the 10 years that we have had. Seixal today is a centre of excellence in developing young players, and that's recognised internationally. Benfica fans need to recognise this project is valuable for the club."

"When we speak about developing players it doesn't signify future sales only. We are a club who develops a lot of talent and that can be seen when they compete for national or international honours like the UEFA Youth League. This adds to our reputation."

"However we can say that the first 'generation' was lost in sporting terms but not financially. Whichever 18 or 19 year old is sold for €15m without really playing for our first team has to be considered as a good deal in the Portuguese market."

"When we buy new players we always risk the future of the youngsters. I sincerely hope those that we sold in the last couple of years affirm themselves in their new teams, because that's the best performance index we can attach to Seixal.

Regarding the new manager Vieira is adamant that the club has made the right choice in bringing the ex-youth coach back to Lisbon.

"Rui Vitória was chosen for the capacity he has shown in the last 12 years, and that no one should doubt, he has the required profile to be leading this project."

"I admit I would have liked to give him one or two more players, but it wasn't possible. But that doesn't mean the team has lost its competitiveness or that we have less options than last year. I rather a team that leaves everything no the pitch than one that 'looks' like it is doing so."

"All managers have their end date. Jorge Jesus stayed here for 6 years and Rui has the capacity to top that. He will leave his mark at Benfica."

On the new arrivals, the president is sure they will make their mark at the Luz.

"Raúl Jiménez and Mitroglou could yield results we are looking for, both on and off the pitch."

"Carcela and Taarabt have a lot of potential and Benfica doesn't represent a opportunity for them, it's the opportunity, and I'm sure they will grab it."

Since the arrival of Vieira in 2003, it's possible to break the years down into three sections.

"By 2008/2009 our efforts focused on restoration of the internal and external credibility of the club, in planning, infrastructure construction, and the professionalisation of Benfica." 

"Then we can call it a second phase until last year, in which the club favoured a strong investment model on foreign players with experience and strong potential through outside financing, whether banking or other financial means, which we then amortised with capital gains from player sales."

"And now, in 2015, we are entering a new phase in which the strategy is to bet on talent generated in Seixal." 

Apart from football, Benfica produced one of its best results last season across all other sports it is involved in, from Futsal, Volleyball, Athletics, and Roller Hockey.

"It was without a doubt an exceptional year, I'm only sorry that the Handball team didn't keep up with the rest, but we will be creating a strong team for them in due course."

Nélson Évora won the bronze medal in the triple jump in Beijing with a 17.52m jump, just 15cm shy of his gold winning run at the same stadium in 2008.

"Many believed he wouldn't be able to achieve this again but Benfica always supported him through its Athletics project. I would nearly bet that if it wasn't for his development and work here, perhaps he would not have come back to what he used to be."

The future of BTV

Benfica TV, usually known as BTV, has been a story of success for Benfica since its inception in 2008. It has grown into two 24-hour channels with a possibility of a BTV3, stated the president.

"It's being considered. We have much more content now however the €9.90 monthly fee is to maintain."

BTV brings you all the live action from the Luz and Seixal, including exclusive content in Portugal for the English, Italian, and French top domestic leagues.