Benfica's volleyball team overcame a 3-0 loss to win by the same result at home against Fonte do Bastardo last week at the Pavilhão Fidelidade.

Notable player Zelão spoke to BTV about how they turned the result around.

"We corrected our faults and worked hard to minimise their strong points so we could equalise the tie. We were slightly anxious but with our strength, courage and the home crowd behind us we turned it around."

The third match of this final will be played on Saturday 2nd May away to Açores and will kick-off at 18:30 BST (deferred on BTV1 HD at 21:30 BST)

"We are motivated from our 3-0 win but must keep our feet grounded, it won't be easy there. We take each game as it comes but we know if we win in Açores we can be crowned champions at the Luz. We will miss the supporters but we have to do this for them."

"The team does not feel the pressure of a potential championship win at home. We are completely focused on this 3rd game."

The volleyball final will be won by the best team out of five matches.